UCAI ’23: Workshop on User-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Rapperswil, Switzerland, 3rd September 2023


The workshop will take place on Sunday, 3th September 2023, 09:00-12:00, in Rapperswil, Switzerland. The workshop is open to all MuC atteendees.

09:00-09:05 Welcome by Workshop Chairs

09:05-09:20 Paper Session 1: Explanations

  • User-friendly Explanatory Dialogues
    by Alizadeh, Fatemeh; Pins, Dominik
  • Immersive Exploration of Machine Learning Data Combining Visual Analytics with Explainable AI
    by Potthast, Jonas; Grimm, Valentin; Rubart, Jessica
  • Multi-Objective Counterfactuals for Counterfactual Fairness in User Centered AI
    by Amin, Rifat Mehreen

09:20-09:30 Paper Session 2: Crowds

  • Classifying Crowdsouring Platform Users’ Engagement Behaviour using Machine Learning and XAI
    by Imam, Sana Hassan; Metz, Christopher Alexander; Hornuf, Lars; Drechsler, Rolf
  • The Human-in-the-loop CrowdSurfer Concept: Providing User-centered AI Support to Crowdworkers for Improved Working Conditions and Task Outcomes
    by Benke, Ivo; Haug, Saskia; Maedche, Alexander

09:30-09:45 Paper Session 3: Design

  • The design space of building user-centered AI user interfaces for smart heating systems
    by Jin, Lu; Boden, Alexander
  • Characteristics of Small Data Sets Collected with HCI Methods Using Machine Learning Techniques: How Do We Handle Them?
    by Weigand, Anna C.; Rauschenberger, Maria
  • Towards a User-Centred Risk-Understanding to Design and Policy
    by Recki, Lena; Lawo, Dennis; Krauss, Veronika; Pins, Dominik

09:45-10:00 Paper Session 4: Decisions

  • Strengths / Weaknesses Balancing in Human-Machine Decision Making
    by Balthasar, Mandy
  • Human-Centered Optimization of Task Allocation in Multi Human-Robot Systems
    by Safari Dehnavi, Zahra; Schlund, Sebastian
  • User-Centered Evaluation of Machine Learning vs. Human Decisions – Identifying Emotional Highlights in Reality TV Formats
    by Rossner, Alexander; Pagel, Sven; Dörner, Ralf

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-10:25 Introduction to Interactive Part

10:25-11:55 Interactive Session

  • 10:25-10:50 Idea Collection
  • 10:50-11:20 Idea Discussion
  • 11:20-11:55 Idea Presentation

11:55-12:00 Closing